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Best Bitcoin Tumbler (Mixer) Services (2019)

What is a bitcoin tumbler? Why should you use one?

And what’s the best bitcoin tumbler around?

In this post, find out what the best 3 bitcoin mixers in 2019 are.

Why Use a Bitcoin Tumbler? (i.e., Bitcoin Mixer)

There’s a common misconception that bitcoin (BTC) is anonymous.

It’s actually pseudonymous. If your bitcoin addresses can be convincingly linked to your real identity, then every transaction you’ve made on the Bitcoin network will be linked to you too. That’s because every transaction on the bitcoin blockchain is public and permanent.

Bitcoin tumblers (or bitcoin mixers) help to anonymise any bitcoin which you suspect could be linked to your identity.

But how does a bitcoin tumbler work?

These type of services work by collecting bitcoin from multiple parties who are all looking to anonymise their funds. Users will then receive an equivalent amount of bitcoin back (minus a small fee) from a different wallet which should be completely unconnected to their original wallet (and funds). This means that the mixer (if it’s trustworthy) will cut all ties between you and your bitcoin.



Adam buys some bitcoin (BTC) on Coinbase. Because he had to verify his identity to create a Coinbase account, he’s now connected to any bitcoin (BTC) he purchases through this website.


If Adam uses a bitcoin tumbler service, he’ll be able to disassociate these funds from his identity (as long as the tumbled funds are returned to a fresh, newly generated bitcoin wallet).

3 Best Bitcoin Tumblers (Mixers)

#1: (The Best Bitcoin Blender) has been seized by Dutch authorities and is no longer available. This post will be updated ASAP to reflect this change. is the most well-recommended and popular cryptocurrency tumbler that I’ve found. Of all the bitcoin tumblers I’ve checked out, it’s undoubtedly my favourite.

Their service allows you easily and quickly anonymise bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC), and bitcoin cash (BCH). While the bitcoin mixing fees are reasonable (between 1 – 5%), the cost of tumbling litecoin and bitcoin cash is ridiculous (up to 15%) if you want to use the Gamma pool (explained below).

CryptocurrencyMinimum FeeMaximum Fee (approx)
Bitcoin Cash3%15% offer a three-tier pool system:

The main difference between these pools is the previous history of the coins they contain. According to their FAQ, all coins tumbled using (regardless of the chosen pool) are “equally efficient” when using their Coin Anonymization Event utility.

If you’re looking to make a large value tumble, then you’ll probably need to use the Beta and Gamma pools too.

If you’re looking to make lots of high-value transactions, then you’ll be eligible for volume discounts. You can find more details about how that works here.

Things You Should Know

  • It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use bitcoin tumbler.
  • It’s compatible with TOR browser.
  • They’ll request no identifying information (account, password, or email).
  • Customized pay-out delay (to impede blockchain analysis).
  • Provide a re-usable code to ensure you never receive your coins back in subsequent transactions (if you have concerns about this, you don’t need to use it).
  • Transaction history removed 24 hours after order completion.

How Does Work? [Guide]

There’s a good overview of how works in this video.

Want a text overview of how it works? Expand the section below.

How Does Work?

Here’s an overview of how it works for 1st-time users.

  • Go to and select the cryptocurrency you want to tumble.
  • Enter the recipient address or addresses. If you’re anonymising coins back to yourself, make sure you generate a completely new wallet (with new receiving addresses).
  • Select your preferred pool. Unless you’re tumbling a really large amount of coins, you’ll probably be fine with the Alpha or Beta pool.
  • Select a ‘Transfer Delay’ period (between immediate and 72 hours).

Make sure that the ‘Mixing Strength Meter’ is blue or green (i.e., good or strong). If it’s not, make some adjustments to the settings you’ve chosen.

  • Happy? Select ‘Continue’.
  • You’ll be asked to agree to their terms of service. When you’re happy, select ‘Mix My Coins’.
  • You’ll be taken to a screen which:
    • Allows you to download your Letter of Guarantee (immediately download this).
    • Shows the address (incl. QR code) you need to send your coins to.
    • Your BestMixer code (keep this safe, as it ensures you don’t receive back your old coins when using their tumbler in the future).
  • Send your coins to the specified address.
  • After the deposit is confirmed, you’ll receive tumbled coins to your recipient addresses (following your specified transfer delay period).
  • All done! You should now have anonymised bitcoin.

BestMixer Website

#2: has been around since 2016 and is a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use bitcoin tumbler. From what I could tell, they seem trusted and well-recommended across the crypto-community. claim that their mixing pool includes a reserve of over 2000 BTC. Combined with previous transactions through their bitcoin tumbler, they claim that it’s “virtually impossible to pinpoint the source and endpoint of the coins”. Bold claim.

Fees are just 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC for every transaction, although “advise you to set a custom fee to slow down amount-based blockchain analysis”.

Like, offer volume-based discounts. Find out more about that here.

Why Should I Set a Custom Fee? recommend you set a custom fee (above 0.5%) to protect your privacy.

According to their FAQ:

“In the event that someone knows your service fee, they will be able to analyse the publicly available ledger…to see how and when your transactions were made and figure out the destination account.”

They claim that setting multiple addresses isn’t enough.

Things You Should Know

  • Minimum transaction = 0.001 BTC
  • Transactions less than 25 BTC are accepted after 1 confirmation.
  • It’s compatible with TOR browser.
  • No identifying information (account, password, or email) is collected.
  • Incoming addresses are valid for 24 hours (data is deleted after this period).
  • Customised pay-out delay (to impede blockchain analysis).
  • When you first use, you’ll receive a code. You’ll use this in future transactions to ensure that you don’t receive bitcoin you’ve sent to in previous transactions.
CryptoMixer Website

#3: is an easy-to-use bitcoin tumbler which has a clean, simple interface.

Like, they claim to have a large reserve of bitcoin in their mixing pool. Here’s how they say it works:

“A customer sends some amount of coins and the coins go to the end of the reserve chain. Afterwards the customer receives the same amount of coins from the beginning of the chain.”

Fees are just 0.5% plus 0.0001 BTC for each returning address which you add. According to their FAQ, you can obscure the mixing process by customising this fee (up to 2.5%). To further disconnect your identity, you’re able to add multiple addresses to send your tumbled bitcoin back to.

Things You Should Know

  • Minimum transaction = 0.001 BTC
  • Transactions are accepted after they’ve received 3 confirmations.
  • It’s compatible with TOR browser.
  • No identifying information (account, password, or email) is collected.
  • Customised pay-out delay (to impede blockchain analysis).
  • Incoming addresses are valid for 24 hours (data is deleted after this period).
  • All related data is deleted after coins have been dispatched to the target address.
  • When you first use, you’ll receive a code. You’ll use this in future transactions to ensure that you don’t receive bitcoin you’ve sent to in previous transactions.
Blender Website

Tips to Securely Tumble Bitcoin

  • Reduce the possibility of being connected to your cryptocurrency by purchasing it anonymously.
  • Obscure your IP with a VPN (e.g., ExpressVPN) and TOR browser (built-in to the Brave Browser) when tumbling your cryptocurrency.
  • If you’re accessing these tumblers through TOR, verify that you’re using the correct URL.
  • Pay the little bit extra and tumble your bitcoin back to multiple addresses on a fresh, unused, anonymous wallet.
  • Use the time-delay functionality supported by the,, and
  • When possible, set a custom fee (i.e., above the default rate).
  • All of the above bitcoin blenders are run anonymously. Conduct your own due diligence before trusting these services with large sums.

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