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Best Cryptocurrency Newsletters (2020)

There’s a lot to keep up within the cryptocurrency space.

Because of that, it can be easy to miss important updates, interesting articles, and ‘dank memes’. Luckily for us, there are some great (free!) cryptocurrency newsletters that wade through the plethora of bullshit and deliver the best bits to your inbox.

In this post, I’ve pulled together 6 of the best cryptocurrency newsletters which I’m currently subscribed to:

The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Newsletters

1. Token Economy

Best Cryptocurrency Newsletters - Token Economy Header

A popular newsletter that is published every 2 weeks (on a Tuesday).

In their own words, Token Economy provides readers with:

Opinionated thoughts on the most interesting products and ideas in cryptocurrencies, blockchains, dapps, DAOs & the growing token economy.

Token Economy used to recap important industry news and link out to interesting articles (like this), but they cut back on that. They’re now all about covering cool news projects.

They’ve been going since June 2017 and have approximately 20,000 subscribers. At the time of writing, they’re up to issue #109.


2. Token Daily

Token Daily example 'Tweet of the Day'

Although it’s called Token Daily, this newsletter is usually published once a week (but sometimes more often, depending on what’s going on).

Given the high signal-to-noise ratio in the cryptocurrency world, it cuts out all the bullshit (which is a refreshing change).

Their newsletters take about 1-2 minutes to read and usually covers the following:

  • Some recent news, with a short overview for each.
  • Their favourite crypto-related article(s) of the week.
  • Prominent launches/updates in the crypto-space.
  • Sometimes more (e.g., ‘Thought of the Day’ and ‘Question of the Day’).

I would 100% recommend giving this newsletter a shot.


3. Marty’s Ƀent

This is a unique (but awesome) newsletter.

Rather than bombard you with tons of further reading, Marty puts together a short and sweet newsletter (<5min read) every weekday which discusses something Bitcoin or cryptocurrency-related that he’s found interesting in the last 24 hours.

Marty’s been sending out his newsletter since June 2017. At the time of writing, he’s up to issue #599 and has more than 2,100 subscribers.

Marty’s Ƀent isn’t for everyone, especially as he’s just a little bit of Bitcoin maximalist. If you’re sensitive to criticism of your favourite shitcoin, then stay away. For everyone else, be sure to subscribe to his thought-provoking and no-nonsense commentary on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world.

Side note: Marty also hosts a new podcast called ‘Tales from the Crypt’. Give that a shot too (he’s up to episode #110 now).


4. Chain Letter

A great newsletter published by MIT Technology Review which slides into your inbox every Thursday.

This newsletter covers what’s new in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and sometimes delves into a blockchain/cryptocurrency concept or idea in more depth. You should be able to read this newsletter in about 5 minutes.

Chain Letter started in November 2017 and (at the time of writing) are up to issue #168.

Although there’s definitely some overlap, I’ve found that Chain Letter compliments my other cryptocurrency newsletter subscriptions well.


5. CryptoWeekly

Published once a month, CryptoWeekly curates and summarises the most important news and the best articles in the cryptocurrency world.

CryptoWeekly started sending out newsletters in December 2017 and (at the time of writing) have reached issue #113. They currently have over 6,000 subscribers.

This newsletter has a consistent and to-the-point style which I really appreciate (see here). It’s not fancy or complicated, just concise summarises so you can find the material you care about.

Side note: These are the same people behind CryptoList.


Other Cryptocurrency Newsletters

Even though they didn’t make my top 5, there are some other well-recommended newsletters that you might like.

Weekly Newsletters

Daily Newsletters

Anything to add?

Is there another newsletter that I need to check out? Let me know in the comments.

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