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Summary is a Bitcoin (BTC) mixer established in 2017 which allows you to mix your bitcoin with other users in order to improve your privacy. In other words? It allows you to break the link between your identity and your cryptocurrency.

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC), also supports Litecoin (LTC) and Dash (DASH). Their fees are competitive, starting at just 0.4% (+ transaction fees) when mixing BTC.

Read the full review for a breakdown of all this service’s features.

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What is How does their platform work? Do they offer competitive fees?

In this review, I answer these questions (and more) so that you can decide if it’s the right bitcoin mixer for you.


  • Accessible via TOR.
  • All logs are turned off (i.e. no personal information collected).
  • Allows you to mix lower amounts (minimum is 0.005 BTC).
  • You can set a custom fee between 0.4% to 4%.
  • Supports Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Dash (DASH).
  • Split your mixed coins between up to 5 different receiving addresses.
  • Custom distribution of cryptocurrency to each receiving address.
  • Custom delay for delivery of cryptocurrency to each receiving address.
  • Includes randomization feature which sends your mixed cryptocurrency in chunks, instead of in a single transaction.

Who are is a bitcoin mixer service which was announced in August 2017 on

Like other bitcoin blenders, allows you to break the link between two different wallet addresses. In other words, bitcoin mixers can help you anonymise any funds which you suspect could be linked to your identity. This helps prevent blockchain analysis companies like Chainalysis from identifying who you are and what you’re doing with your money.

In their announcement thread, you’ll find a few pages of positive feedback from other users. You can find all of their other press mentions on their website here.

Their website is available via Clearnet (i.e. the publicly available internet) and via TOR. Their website is available in English, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese, and Korean. The owners are anonymous, so I don’t know where they’re based.

All logs are turned off by default. Once you’ve completed your order (or after 72 hours), I’ve been told that the order information is deleted.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

You can mix the following cryptocurrencies on

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dash (DASH)

How Does Work?

Here’s a short video from that outlines how their bitcoin mixer works.

Here’s how works:

  • Go to and select Mixer in the navigation bar.

  • In Destination Address, add the wallet address you’d like your mixed bitcoin to be sent to. This output address needs to be different to the one you’re sending from.
  • Use the sliders to select a Delay and Service Fee. Longer delays and higher fees are better.
  • Select whether you’d like to enable Randomization. If you enable this, you’ll receive your mixed bitcoin back in multiple chunks per output address. This will make connecting your identity to your mixed coins harder. However, the minimum deposit required to enable this feature is higher (see below).
  • The Mixing Strength indicator will highlight how strong the settings you’ve chosen are.
  • When you’re happy, select Start Mixing.

  • On the next page, they’ll provide you with an Input Address. Send the bitcoin that you’re looking to anonymise to this address.
  • Once they’ve received your deposit, the Status will be updated. You’ll then receive your mixed bitcoin after your chosen delay.

  • Before you leave this page, you’ll want to copy the Code. If you use again in the future, you’ll enter this to ensure you don’t receive back cryptocurrency you’ve previously mixed with them.
  • You’ll also want to download the Letter of Guarantee. This allows you to verify that the Input Address is legitimate. It’s also the only proof that your order existed. This is because your order’s data is deleted from their servers after 72 hours have passed. If you don’t receive your mixed cryptocurrency for some reason, then this will help you resolve the situation with Read more in their FAQ.

Multiple Output Addresses allows you to add up to 5 destination addresses when submitting your order. This means that you can split the mixed coins (in any % combination you like) between these wallet addresses.

The minimum amount you need to mix is 0.005 BTC, LTC, or DASH per output address. If you use 5 destination addresses, then that means the minimum amount you need to mix is 0.025 BTC, LTC, or DASH.

You’ll also need to pay a transaction fee (i.e. miner fee) for every output address you add. Scroll down to find out more about fees.

What is the Randomize Feature?

By default, you’ll receive any mixed coins from in a single transaction to each of the output addresses you’ve added in your order.

If you enable the Randomize option though, you’ll receive your mixed coins in multiple transactions (2+) to each of the wallet addresses you specified in your original order. According to, this should make it harder for someone to de-anonymise you.

If you enable this option, then:

  • The minimum amount that you have to mix increases. For Bitcoin (BTC), the minimum amount increases from 0.005 BTC to 0.1 BTC.
  • You’ll pay the transaction fee twice. For Bitcoin (BTC), this would increase the fee to 0.0003 BTC per output address.
  • The fee paid to will be randomized but will remain under 1%. Minimum Amount

Here are the minimum and maximum amounts you can mix on

CryptocurrencyMinimum Amount (Normal)Minimum Amount (Randomize Enabled)
Bitcoin (BTC)0.0050.1
Litecoin (LTC)0.0051.0
Dash (DASH)0.0051.0

If you attempt to mix less than the minimum for any of the supported cryptocurrencies, then it’ll be considered a donation and you won’t receive anything back.

I don’t know the exact amount of volume they have, but they’ve told me they can easily mix 100 BTC without any delay. Fees doesn’t have a fixed fee. Instead, you’ll have the ability to set a custom fee.

This is a standard feature in other bitcoin blenders that I’ve checked out, as it makes it harder for someone to connect your previous bitcoin wallet address with your new one.

These are the fees listed on the website:

CryptocurrencyMixing FeeTransaction Fee
Bitcoin (BTC)0.4% to 4%0.0003 BTC per output address
Litecoin (LTC)2% to 20%0.0003 LTC per output address
Dash (DASH)0.4% to 4%0.0003 DASH per output address

BitMix have a few pools of mixed cryptocurrency. If you set a higher fee, then there’s a higher chance that you’ll get returned cryptocurrency that is from investors, trusted exchanges, etc. Regardless of what fee you set, you will receive cryptocurrency that is not connected to you though.

If you enable the randomize option (more on that below), then you’ll pay additional transaction fees.

Although the transactions fees are fixed, they’re going to be updated depending on how busy each network is. Check this FAQ response to see their most up-to-date transaction fees.

Why are Litecoin (LTC) fees so much higher?

Litecoin (LTC) isn’t as popular on BitMix, so they’re forced to set higher fees to support the infrastructure needed to mix it properly. Roadmap

I asked BitMix if they had anything interesting in the pipeline.

They told me they were looking at:

  • Adding a feature to pay some invoices via BitMix.
  • Mixing Bitcoin (BTC) with Monero (XMR) to improve privacy (e.g. BTC is exchanged to XMR, which is then sent to another address, then converted back into BTC and sent to your chosen BTC wallet).


When I took for a test drive, I found their interface simple and easy to use.

But like with many other bitcoin mixers I’ve looked at, is run by anonymous webmasters in a centralized system. This means that you don’t know who is behind the site, but you have to trust them to use their mixing service.

I did like that you could customise a few important things:

  • Add multiple destination addresses.
  • Customise what percentage of your coins are sent to each address.
  • Set a unique time-delay for each address you’re sending coins to.
  • Choose your own fee (between 0.4 and 4% for BTC).

The bottom line is this: helps you add a layer of anonymity to pseudonymous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC).

To find out more, head over to their website:

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