Buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card in the UK (2021)

Looking for the best way to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a debit card in the UK?

Although you’ll find that Coinbase is a popular and well-recommended option, it’s NOT the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a debit card in the UK. If you use this platform, you’ll be charged 4% in fees to buy using a debit card.

In this post, I’ll quickly highlight the absolute cheapest way (1.99% in fees) to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a debit card in the UK.

Remember: I’m not a financial advisor. Check out my full disclaimer.

Cheaply Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card in the UK

If you want to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a debit card in the UK, you should check out the app. Compared to Coinbase, you’ll save about 2% in fees if you buy Bitcoin (BTC) using this app instead.

This beats most other alternatives that allow you to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a debit card in the UK.

Download the app and check it out yourself.

Another alternative is Wirex. This platform charges about 2.5% in fees when you buy Bitcoin (BTC) and other supported cryptocurrencies with a debit card.

Although Wirex’s fees aren’t as competitive as they used to be (previously 1%), they’re still another cheaper alternative to Coinbase that you could consider.

ExchangeFees (Approximate)

Cheaper Ways to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in the UK

There are some clear advantages to using a debit card to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in the UK:

  • It’s simple, easy, and usually means you’ll instantly be able to get your hands on some Bitcoin (BTC).
  • You’re able to buy cryptocurrencies with debit cards in many places.
  • It’s not that expensive if you choose the right place (e.g. charges just 1.99%).

But let’s be real.

You’d needlessly throwing money away if you use a debit card to buy Bitcoin (BTC) anywhere. You’ll get lower rates if you choose to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies with a UK bank transfer instead.

I’ve covered the best ways to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in the UK in other posts, and it’s always worked out cheaper for me to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a UK bank transfer. In some places that support Faster Payments, you’ll also find that it only takes minutes for GBP sent with a UK bank transfer to be processed.

But if you still want to buy Bitcoin (BTC) using a debit card?

Check out the rest of this post. I’ll go through how to do it using the app, which is the cheapest place that I know of to use a debit card to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with GBP in the UK.

How Do You Buy Bitcoin With a Debit Card?

In this section, I’m going to quickly run you through how simple, easy, and quick it is to use the app to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a GBP debit card in the UK.

1. Download the App and Create an Account

You can’t currently access using a browser or desktop app. You need to download the app to your smartphone instead.

Click here to get started.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need to verify your identity with them (provide personal details and a form of ID). You can do this through your phone and it shouldn’t take long to get sorted out.

Enter your details to download the app to your smartphone.

2. Add Your Debit Card

Once you’re registered and verified yourself, you’ll need to add a debit card to your account.

To do this:

  • Select ‘Trade’ on the App homepage.
  • In the pop-up, select ‘Buy’.
  • On the next screen, select ‘Bitcoin (BTC)’.

You’ll then need to add a new debit card to your account by entering in the details.

3. Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card

Once you’re done with that, you’re ready to actually buy Bitcoin (BTC) with your debit card.

You’ll need to follow the same instructions as before, but then:

  • Select the card you’ve just added.
  • Insert how much Bitcoin (BTC) you’d like to buy.
  • Confirm this by clicking the blue button at the bottom.

It’ll confirm the fees and the exchange rate you’re being charged before it executes the trade.

There is a time limit on this, so you need to be quick to check over the details or you’ll have to refresh the offer! This is a bit of pain, as it doesn’t give you long.

And then you’re done! Simple as that. Wallet

Your Bitcoin (BTC) purchases are initially stored in the web wallet.

This is a custodial wallet which someone else controls. However, you are able to withdraw this to an external wallet that you control if you wish.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano X are popular wallet choices which make it simple, easy, and affordable to securely store your cryptocurrency. Check out my Ledger Nano X review to find out more about this.

What’s the best hardware wallet?

If you’re not transferring the cryptocurrency you’ve bought on to your own wallet, then consider enabling all of the security features that you can find the app. This includes two-factor authentication, passcodes, and an anti-phishing code.

You can access this by clicking the cog in the app and scrolling down to the ‘Security’ section.

Selling Bitcoin on

If you decide you want to sell your Bitcoin (BTC) on, then it’s currently a little more difficult.

This is because they’ve temporarily suspended their GBP wallet, as well as GBP deposits and withdrawals. You can check out this help article for more information.

The bottom line is that you’ll have to either:

  • Convert it into a stablecoin like Tether (USDT), transfer it to an exchange which supports GBP withdrawals, then sell it for GBP.
  • Sell it for EUR in the app and then use a SEPA bank transfer to withdraw it your GBP bank account.

The second option is a lot more convenient, but your bank will probably charge you additional fees to convert the EUR you’re trying to deposit into GBP (which is what the account is likely denominated in).

It’s not a great choice, but the first option is probably your best option if you really need to sell some cryptocurrency and don’t want to lose any profits to the bankers!

Summary: Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a Debit Card

Although it’s not the cheapest possible way to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in the UK, the app does provide UK residents with a way to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a debit card without getting completely ripped off. You’ll pay fees of just 1.99%.

But to reiterate, it’s going to be cheaper to use a UK bank transfer to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in the UK. Because many places now support UK Faster Payments, it’s also quite quick. (It varies from just a few minutes in some places to a couple of hours in others.)

To learn more about what has to offer, check out my full review. It’s growing into something quite awesome.

9 thoughts on “Buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card in the UK (2021)”

  1. The costs are high when transferring from Wirex

    Transfer £10 worth of bitcoin and they charge £9!!!!

    So a £10 transfer costs £19

    That is horrendous

    • Hi Tim,

      Most places seem to pass along the transaction fees when you send Bitcoin (BTC) from one place to another. This hasn’t been a problem for the last few years, but BTC transaction fees have increased dramatically in recent months. Check out this to see what I mean. Here’s another one which shows BTC transactions fees in USD over time.

      If you’re not happy paying these fees (I know I’m not!), then Solidi (when I last checked) give you a free withdrawal credit when you buy cryptocurrency using them – but it will take a while to arrive wherever you’re sending it. Flip side is that they only support UK bank transfers.

  2. Is it just me or Wirex is not actually that cheap. On top of the the 1% fee that they advertise they are also having quite a big spread ( check ) and also their live rate is approx 100€ higher than Coinbase and Binance price. I was very excited to use Wirex but then after using it and seeing all the charges and the amount of crypto that I got in the end( much smaller than expected) I was actually quite disappointed because the advertisement of 1% fee is misleading, I ve been charged more like 3%

    • Ioana, thanks for commenting!

      Surprised to hear this, but it looks like you’re right. At some point, they’ve added a fee into the exchange rate that they’re offering. That was about 1.4% for me. There’s also the 1% admin fee, which takes it up to about 2.4%.

      This is quite disappointing, but it’s still a decent place to buy BTC with a debit card. Most places charge about 4-5%. The only exception I know of right now is, which has waived fees for buying crypto with a debit card until September 2020 (it’ll then revert to 3.5%). I’ve got a review here if you want to know more.

      Anyway, thanks for letting me know about this. I’ll get my content updated over the next few days so that it reflects this change.

  3. Hi!

    I need to buy over £200 worth of bitcoin. The site says the limit is thousands. However when I try to buy this amount of bitcoin. It says the limit is £39 a day. Is there a way around this ?

    • Hi Anon,

      If you’ve just signed up, you probably need to verify your debit card before you can purchase more than a small amount. If that’s the case, you can find out more here on how to do that.

      If you don’t want to wait, then it might be worth checking out alternatives that I’ve reviewed like Solidi. They usually verify your identity quickly, and then it’s just a simple UK bank transfer to make a purchase. Bit higher fees than Wirex (around 1.5%, but it varies day-to-day).

  4. Hi Dean
    Thanks for the great guide you’ve put up.

    Can I ask which Uk banks are friendly work with wirex to transfer GBP ie lloyds or natwest?

    Also once btc purchase on wirex platform so that it’s doesn’t stay on their platform longer than 1-2hrs how do you export from wirex to a trezor device, any step by step guides?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Greg,

      Glad you like this post!

      That’s a really good question, but one I can’t give you a definitive answer to. Of the two, you’ll probably have better luck with Natwest (who are part of the RBS group). However, I’d strongly caution against buying with your primary bank account (which you use for salary/bills) in case buying crypto causes any problems. It’s quick and easy to open an account somewhere else.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have a guide for this. Check out this guide for how to withdraw from Wirex and this guide for how to receive funds on your Trezor.

      If it’s the first time your sending/receiving cryptocurrency, then consider buying a small amount of a cryptocurrency with consistently low fees to play around with. Litecoin (LTC) is a good choice for this (fees are about 2p).

      Let me know if you have any other questions! If you want some free Dogecoin (DOGE), email me your receiving address and I’ll send you some to play with!



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