Delta App Review (2018)

Delta’s cryptocurrency portfolio app was released in September 2017 for Android and iOS. After an avalanche of updates, I’d now consider it a better alternative to Blockfolio.

But is Delta the right crypto portfolio app for you? Does it have everything you need? And is it better than the ever-growing number of cryptocurrency portfolio managers out there?

In this review, I’ll overview Delta’s main features and let you know what I think.

Key Features

  • Mobile (iOS & Android) and desktop apps.
  • Beginner friendly (i.e., easy, quick, intuitive).
  • Supports 2000 cryptocurrencies.
    • Supports ‘Custom Coins’ for ICO purchases.
  • Automatically import transactions from 11 popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
    • Limited to connecting to 2 exchanges (unless you upgrade to PRO).
  • Can setup price-level alerts & watchlists.
  • ‘Share my Delta’ (share an up-to-date snapshot of your portfolio with others).
  • Active development (with clear roadmap).

Pros & Cons



  • PRO upgrade is, comparatively, bad value (£64/$50 per year).
  • Frequently felt unresponsive.
  • When imputing a new transaction, the buy and sell price isn’t auto-populated. It’ll just show today’s buy/sell price.

The PRO Upgrade: Worth it?

Ouch. This is the ‘early backer deal’ too 😐

I don’t think upgrading to Delta PRO is worth it.

Here’s what you get when you upgrade:

  • Ability to setup multiple portfolios (up to 10).
  • Unlimited automatic exchange API imports
  • Sync up to 5 devices.

It costs £90/$100 per year (monthly subscription) or £64/$50 per year (annual subscription).

There’s no lifetime (one-off payment) upgrade option yet. This is a popular feature request, and it looks like Delta is introducing a one-off purchase for desktop (which will cost £95/$125).

Let’s not sugar coat it: this is bad value. For the same cost, you can get a CoinTracking PRO account – which is undoubtedly the best cryptocurrency portfolio manager available.

Automatic API Imports

Delta already supports the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

The ability to setup an unlimited number of exchange API imports with the PRO subscription is what will encourage people to upgrade. With the free version, you’re limited to just two automatic exchange API imports.

What exchanges can I automatically import transactions from?

Delta currently allows you to automatically import your transactions from the following exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase
  • Cryptopia
  • GDAX
  • HitBTC
  • Huobi
  • KuCoin
  • Kraken
  • Poloniex

Some API imports are only available for PRO users, although this is temporary while they test for issues.

Conclusion: #1 Mobile Crypto Portfolio App

When I first wrote this review, it was quite negative. It left the wrong impression.

Delta’s free version has the basic functionality (e.g., tracking your crypto portfolio, setting up a watchlist/alerts) which will be enough for the majority of ‘casual’ cryptocurrency investors out there. Even without considering the PRO version, I think Delta is the #1 mobile crypto portfolio app available.

But is the PRO version worth it? No.

Compared to competitors (e.g., CoinTracking), I still think Delta PRO is overpriced.

BUT… these are desktop alternatives. If you’re looking for the best mobile crypto portfolio app, then Delta PRO is your best option.

Should You Switch From Blockfolio?

Blockfolio and Delta used to be interchangeable.

I think Delta (ignoring the free option) is now the better option.

Delta now supports CSV imports too. This means you can import all the transactions you’ve entered into Blockfolio (without having to re-enter them manually).

Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Apps (2018)

Looking for an overview of your best options? I’ve ranked the top 5 best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers/managers in this post.

There’s a list of other portfolio trackers (which I’m aware of) here too.

Additional Notes

Additional Notes

  • I tested this on Android (a glorious Nexus 6) and a Windows PC (meh).
  • This review was put together upon request, but I didn’t receive any compensation for it (I’m still writing for giggles).

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