Buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card in the UK (2020)

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Looking for the best way to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a debit or credit card in the UK?

Although it’s a popular and well-recommended option, Coinbase is NOT the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a debit card in the UK. You’ll be charged 4% in fees to buy using a debit card.

In this post, I’ll quickly highlight the absolute cheapest way (about 1% in fees) to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a debit card in the UK.

Remember: I’m not a financial advisor. Check out my full disclaimer.

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How to Protect Your Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

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With Bitcoin (BTC), you are your own bank.

This is liberating for many, as you can make payments without permission. But it also means you are responsible for keeping your funds safe. If you misplace your funds or they’re stolen, then you’re fucked. There’s no support helpline you can ring up to sort it all out. With Bitcoin (BTC), there are no second chances.

Because of this, it’s important that you take some simple precautions. In this post, I’ve compiled 6 ways to help you avoid losing access to your funds and protect your Bitcoin (BTC) from thieves. It’s a follow-up to my previous post about the steps you can take to secure your computer.

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8 Tips to Protect Your Computer & Accounts

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If you want to keep your Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies safe, then it’s essential that you’re taking steps to protect your computer and online accounts.

In this post, I’m going to touch on 8 basic things you can do to protect your computer and website accounts from the evergrowing number of threats in the wild web. This isn’t exciting stuff but is important to get right if you’re doing anything cryptocurrency-related on your computer.

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Market Corrections: ‘Buying the Dip’

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In a previous post, I talked about dollar-cost averaging (DCA) – an investment strategy which is simple to setup and should reduce the impact of Bitcoin’s volatile price on your average purchase price. There’s another piece of the puzzle I want to discuss though: ‘buying the dip’. In this post, I delve into why you 100% should buy the dip, why most people don’t or can’t, and how to set yourself up to take advantage of opportunities.

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Best Exchanges to Buy Alternative Cryptocurrency

Selection of some alternative cryptocurrencies

Although Bitcoin (BTC) gets a lot of attention, there are thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies (i.e., ‘altcoins’). The majority of them are absolute junk, but there are some diamonds in the rough which you might want to get your hands on. In this post, I’ve put together an overview of the two most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. I’ve also embedded a quick tutorial which explains how you can find out where any cryptocurrency is available for purchase.

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Ledger Nano S Review (2020)

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The Ledger Nano S is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet which was released in 2016 by Ledger. It’s one of the most popular hardware wallets on the market. To date, more than 1.4 million units of the Ledger Nano S have been sold. I’ve consistently ranked the Ledger Nano S as one of the best hardware wallets.

But is the Ledger Nano S the right hardware wallet for you? 

In this Ledger Nano S review, I’ll cover everything you need to know: from what cryptocurrencies are supported to all the little extra features it includes which you’ll want to know about.

I’ll also cover some security stuff which will help you keep your cryptocurrencies secure and answer some FAQs about the Ledger Nano S after the main review.

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Vertcoin (VTC) One-Click Miner (OCM) Guide

Vertcoin 1-Click Miner dashboard

Vertcoin (VTC)  is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2014 and is branded as “the people’s coin” by the community. Unlike Bitcoin (BTC), Vertcoin (VTC) aims to keep its mining as decentralized as possible. This means that the development team is looking to keep Vertcoin (VTC) ASIC resistant so that the community can continue to mine it with a graphics card (GPU).

To encourage more members of the community to mine Vertcoin (VTC), the team behind this cryptocurrency has developed the one-click miner that is simple and easy to use. This focus of this post is to show anyone interested in mining a cryptocurrency how easy the Vertcoin (VTC) one-click miner is to use.

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