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HaasOnline Review (2022)

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HaasOnline Review: Summary

  • Lets you build highly customizable trading bots with no coding required.
  • Compatible with 23 exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken.
  • Supports Spot, Leverage, and Margin trading.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Buy/sell signals can be created using 55 technical indicators.
  • Proprietary scripting language lets you build custom indicators.
  • Excellent backtesting and paper testing capabilities.
  • Active Discord server with customer support available.
  • Large collection of stop-loss conditions available.


  • Expensive.
  • Not very user-friendly.
  • No wallet or DEX trading supported.
  • Not suitable for manual trading.
  • No copy/social trading (yet).

What Is HaasOnline?

HaasOnline is an automated trading service that offers one of the most feature-rich trading kits around. Launched in 2014, the platform was designed to be accessible to novice traders yet robust enough to run institutional-grade trading bots.

If you would like to learn more about HassOnline and the different features it offers, set aside a few minutes and read my review – I’ll cover everything you need to know.

Main Features

HaasOnline is packed with several powerful and highly customizable trading tools. That said, there is a bit of a learning curve to using the platform, and if you’re new to automated trading, you may find the service difficult to use.

Automated Trading

The first step to using HaasOnline is downloading and installing the HaasOnline Trading Server (HTS). The installation process can be a bit confusing as you’ll need to provide a licensing code, sync the platform with your computer clock, and enter exchange API codes.

Luckily, HaasOnline has a detailed video to help guide you through this process.

Once you’ve successfully installed the HTS, you’re free to start creating trading bots. Although HaasOnline provides many excellent tools for designing bots from scratch, the platform does have 15 pre-made bots available.

These pre-made bots can be found under the ‘Custom Bots’ section and popular options include the Accumulation Bot, the Scalper Bot, and the Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot.

What pre-made trading bots does HaasOnline offer?

HaasOnline currently offers 15 pre-made trading bots, including:

  • Accumulation Bot: Used to increase or decrease your position in a spot market. This bot is most commonly used for ‘dollar-cost-averaging’ into the cryptocurrency of your choice.
  • Advanced Index Bot: Rebalances your portfolio if a cryptocurrency you hold undergoes a large increase or decrease in price.
  • C# Script Bot: If you have an external C# script you wish to run, the C# script bot will do it for you.
  • Crypto Index Bot: Designed to redistribute gains evenly throughout your entire portfolio.
  • Email Bot: The email bot can be integrated with any TradingView notifications you receive in your email.
  • Flash Crash Bot: Built to protect your portfolio from large volatility using strategically placed buy and sell orders.
  • Intelli Alice Bot: Designed in-house, the Alice Bot specializes in trading large cap coins.
  • Inter-Exchange Bot: Exploits price differences across multiple exchanges for profit.
  • MadHatter Bot: Uses customized Bollinger Bands, MACD, and RSI to act early on signals without waiting for confirmation.
  • Market Making Bot: Profits by adding liquidity to specific markets.
  • Order Bot: Places buy and sell orders when specific price targets are met.
  • Ping-Pong Bot: Designed to trade sideways markets with small amounts of crypto.
  • Scalper Bot: Makes profit by exploiting the difference between the bid and the ask.
  • Trend Lines Bot: Trades the market by following the trend lines you draw.
  • Zone Recovery: A risk management tool designed to place buy/sell orders based on the current price trend.

Along with basic spot trading, HaasOnline supports margin and leverage trading options – something that sets it apart from other popular automated trading platforms. That said, many of the premade bots are only compatible with spot orders.

A breakdown of all active bots and their performance can be viewed on the dashboard, which acts as the HTS ‘homepage’. Learning to use the dashboard and all its features can be difficult at first, but once you figure it out, it serves as an excellent source of information and insight.

Custom Bot Creation

Few automated trading services offer the same level of customization as HaasOnline, and if you’re looking to build highly-specialized trading bots with absolutely no coding required, it may be the service for you.

Because of the wide array of settings, creating and deploying customized bots is easily the most complicated part of using HaasOnline. If you plan on taking the plunge, expect to spend a decent amount of time learning the ins-and-outs of this feature.

All custom trading bots require 4 main components to function: general settings, a trading strategy, safeties, and insurances.

General Settings

Before all else, a bot must be given a name, an exchange to operate on, and a market to trade. If you want your bot to engage in leverage trading, this is the time to specify exactly how much leverage it’ll use.

Bots can also be assigned to groups that change how they’re displayed on the dashboard. Bots that belong to the same group are displayed together.

Trading Strategy

Trading strategies are built using technical indicators like RSI, Bollinger Bands, and MACD. HaasOnline currently supports over 55 popular indicators, all of which can be used to create customized buy and sell signals.

For example, a bot can be designed to buy a specific amount of a cryptocurrency whenever the RSI drops below 30 and sell every time the RSI rises above 70. If you’ve used any other automated trading service before, this process will likely be familiar to you.

You may be wondering – ‘If I assign more than one indicator to a bot, how does it know which buy/sell signal to follow?’ To solve this, HaasOnline lets you choose between three solutions: Default, Consensus Mode, and Weighted Consensus Mode.

  • Default: When chosen, all indicators must agree on a buy or sell order for it to be executed.
  • Consensus Mode: If enabled, the bot will act on the majority signal (neutral signals are ignored).
  • Weighted Consensus Mode: Similar to the Consensus Mode, The Weighted Consensus Mode lets you grant precedent to some indicators over others.

For more information on these options and how they work, read here.

If you feel like designing your own indicators, check out HaasOnline’s HaasScript feature. This automated scripting language comes with over 600 commands that enable chart plotting, calculations, position managing, signals handling, and more.


All stop-less, take profit, and similar conditions are assigned in the safeties section. Like other features of HaasOnline, the level of customizability you’ll find here is much greater than what’s offered by most other automated trading platforms.


Insurances let you further refine what buy/sell signals your bot executes. Creating insurances can be confusing at first, but once you wrap your head around it, they can bring your automated trading game to the next level.

For example, an Insurance can be created that makes certain indicators only relevant during a trending or sideways market. Similarly, Insurances can ensure your bot never buys a certain coin/token above or below a specific price.

To read more about Insurances and how they work, read here.

Can a HaasOnline bot trade more than one market at a time?

No. Each bot you create on HaasOnline is dedicated to a single trading pair, like BTC/USDT, ETH/BTC, and others.

For an automated trading service that supports multiple markets with a single bot, take a look at CryptoHopper.

Back Testing

HaasOnline has a highly effective backtesting tool that lets you test your bots against historical price data. Whether you’re trying out a new indicator or an updated safety/insurance setting, this tool allows you to source data from as far back as 32 weeks.

Unlike most backtesting tools, HaasOnline lets you choose between the closing price and order book price (bid/ask) during testing. While both have their advantages, order book pricing is considered more realistic.

When using the backtesting feature, there are two assumptions you need to be aware of:

  • Your order is always filled
  • Your order is always first in the order book

Of course, these assumptions don’t hold true for real-world trading, something to keep in mind when analyzing test results.

Backtests can be highly customized, allowing you to test your bots in a wide variety of market conditions. To learn more about creating a customized backtest using HaasOnline, I recommend this video.

Paper Trading

Unlike backtesting, Paper Trading lets you test your bot against live market data. To facilitate this, HaasOnline uses its proprietary simulation engine to run trading algorithms against real-time market data.

When using this simulated engine, your order becomes the only order on the book – which obviously isn’t true in a live setting.

When should I use backtesting vs. paper trading?

Ideally, all new bots, trading strategies, and indicator settings should be tested using both live and historical market data. That said, backtesting gives you more control over what market conditions you wish to test your bot under.

For example, say you want to see how a bot performs in a sideways market. If the market is currently in a strong uptrend, paper trading won’t be of much help. By contrast, backtesting lets you rewind to a time when the market was moving sideways.

Bot Performance Analysis

For an in-depth analysis of your bot’s performance, head over to the Bot Performance section.

Not only will you find information about profit, gains, and total fees paid, but you’ll also be able to run quick backtests that range from 24 hours to 2 weeks in length.

HaasOnline Cloud (Coming Soon)

One major drawback to HaasOnline is you can’t access the platform through your web browser, and to use any of the automated trading tools, you must have the HST installed on your computer.

To solve this, HaasOnline plans on releasing a cloud-based service called HaasOnline Cloud. Not only will it run on cloud computing technology, but HaasOnline claims the service will offer tons of new features including social trading and a bot marketplace.

However, the last update on HaasOnline Cloud came in February of 2021 and there’s still no indication of when it will be released.

Supported Exchanges

HaasOnline is compatible with 23 exchanges, including popular names like Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken. Unfortunately, no decentralized exchanges or wallet services are currently supported.

What exchanges does HaasOnline support?

HaasOnline can currently be integrated with 23 exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Binance Futures
  • US
  • Bitfinex
  • Bitmex
  • BitPanda
  • ByBit
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Deribit
  • FTX
  • Gemini
  • HitBTC
  • Huobi
  • Ionomy
  • Kraken
  • Kraken Futures
  • OkCoin
  • OKX
  • Poloniex


There’s no nice way to put it – HaasOnline is expensive. Most people will find it outside of their price range.

What’s more, no free trial or introductory offer is currently available.

For insight into how the platform operates, HaasOnline does run a browser-based demo version. This demo version lets you test out nearly everything the service has to offer using a simulated account and a dummy balance.

HaasOnline offers three plans, Beginner, Simple, and Advanced. As we can see from the image below, the plans differ in several ways, most notably by what indicators, safeties, and insurances you’ll have access to.

Prices range from 0.004 BTC – 0.026 BTC per month depending on what plan you choose and how long you sign up for. The only available payment option is Bitcoin (BTC).

Does HaasOnline offer a discount when renewing a plan?

Yes. HaasOnline offers up to 40% off on most renewals.

Does HaasOnline impose additional trading fees on buy/sell orders?

No. The only trading fees you’ll pay are those charged by the exchange your bot is operating on.

Are there developer licenses available?

Yes, HaasOnline has a quarterly development license available. However, live trading isn’t supported.

Is HaasOnline Safe?

Because the Haas Trading Station runs as a desktop application and not a browser application, HaasOnline seems quite safe.

If you’re concerned about giving the platform access to your exchange accounts, don’t be. API keys only grant permission to execute buy and sell orders (if configured this way), meaning no withdrawals can be initiated through HaasOnline.

For an added layer of security, you should also enable 2FA. If you lose access to your authentication app, 2FA can be manually turned off so long as you still have access to your HaasOnline Trading Server.

HassOnline Alternatives

Here are a few alternatives to HaasOnline to check out:

  • Cryptohopper: The platform’s largest competitor, CryptoHopper is more user-friendly and also lets you build and deploy custom trading bots. You can find out more in my Cryptohopper review.
  • A portfolio management tool that supports 20 exchanges, 13 wallets, and DEX trading. You can find out more in my review.
  • 3commas: Geared towards active traders, 3commas is an automated trading service that lets you build trading bots using hundreds of technical indicators and conditions. Like Cryptohopper, 3commas is an affordable alternative to HaasOnline
  • GunBot: Compatible with over 100 exchanges, GunBot is a feature-rich automated trading program that offers a lifetime license after just one payment.

Other alternatives include TradeSanta, CryptoTrader, and Pionex.

Bottom Line

HaasOnline is one of the most robust and comprehensive platforms out there for building customized trading bots. Nevertheless, the high subscription fee and hard-to-use features make the service strongly geared towards experienced users.

Still, here’s what stood out to me:

  • Excellent backtesting and performance analysis tools.
  • Highly specialized indicators can be created using the HaasScript feature.
  • 15 heavy duty pre-made bots available.
  • Margin and leverage trading supported.

If you’re interested in giving HaasOnline a try, take a quick look at the demo version to see what it’s all about.

To get a true feel for how the platform operates, the 3-month Beginner plan looks good. If you like it, you can always upgrade or renew your plan at a discount.

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