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Vimba is a platform which allows you to regularly save (i.e. dollar-cost average) into the Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and NEM (XEM) markets. They’re based in New Zealand, but have recently opened their doors to the It’s simple to setup and easy-to-use. Rates aren’t great (fixed at 3.5%), but it’s your best option if you want to drip-feed smaller amounts (<£100/week) into BTC and ETH. is the perfect way to dollar-cost average into bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) in the UK.

In this Vimba review, I’m going to dive in and explore their platform a little.

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Who are Vimba?

The land of hobbits and sheep.

Vimba (formerly MyCryptoSaver) are based in New Zealand and have been offering their services there since 2014. They currently have a 5/5 rating on Trustpilot (over 125 reviews).

In November 2018, they opened their services to everyone in the UK too.

Their services include:

  • Setup regular purchases of supported cryptocurrencies (via standing order).
  • Buy supported cryptocurrencies in chunks (like you normally would).

If you signup through this affiliate link, you’ll receive £15 of free bitcoin (BTC) when you complete your first savings transaction.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Vimba fully supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and NEM (XEM). You can easily choose (and change) what percentage of your regular payment should be used to buy each of these cryptocurrencies.

Through Vimba’s instant buy service, you can also buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and NEM (XEM) instantly (in chunks).

Vimba does have plans to support additional cryptocurrencies, but they’re being selective about what coins they do support.

“We realise that most of our userbase is very new to crypto and we don’t want to offer them coins that we don’t think are legitimate, decentralised enough, have an actual use case etc”

For more information on their position, check out this blog post.

How’s it Work?

Getting started with this couldn’t be easier.

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Signup page on

1) Head over to and get yourself registered. Use my affiliate link and you’ll get £15 of free bitcoin when you make your first purchase. You’re required to verify your identity to comply with AML/KYC regulations.

Payment details for

2) Login and select ‘Save’ in the Vimba dashboard. Then scroll down a little and you’ll see the payment details. You’ll use these details to setup a standing order (every week, every half-month, or every month) on a Monday. You’ll need to setup a minimum regular payment of at least £10 to Vimba.

Transactions page on

3) All done! You’ll receive your cryptocurrency (direct to your wallet) on the Friday after Vimba receives your payment. You’ll receive an SMS when that happens.


Vimba charges a fixed fee of 3.5% (regardless of how much you buy).

Coinbase is the only other service (which I know of) which lets you setup regular purchases. Because of how Coinbase fee schedule is setup, you won’t get their headline rate of 1.5% for bank transfer purchases unless you buy at least £200 worth of a cryptocurrency.

When I checked, it only becomes cheaper to use Coinbase if you’re setting up a regular purchase of more than £100. For amounts less than this, Vimba has lower fees.

When compared to alternatives which don’t offer a regular purchase feature (i.e. it’s all manual), here’s how Vimba compare:

Approximate Fee Percentage3.5%2%1.5%1%1.5%
Fees Incurred on £50 Purchase£1.75£1£0.75£0.50£0.75
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These are the limits:

  • Minimum Payment: £10 (per week, half-month, or month)
  • Maximum Payment: £2000 every 4-week period (i.e., £500/week)

You can easily adjust, suspend, or cancel your regular purchase by modifying your standing order appropriately.

Summary: Best Way to DCA into Bitcoin

If you want to setup smaller (<£100) regular Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or NEM (XEM) purchases, then Vimba is a great choice.

  • It’s simple and easy (if you know how to setup a standing order, you’re half-way there). I’d be comfortable throwing a technophobe at a platform like this.
  • It allows you to cost-average your purchases into the two most popular cryptocurrencies (learn more about the pros and cons of cost-averaging here)
  • I wish their fees were lower, but they’re not too bad (fixed at 3.5%). Coinbase is their closest alternative, but their fee structure makes it expensive to buy smaller (<£100) amounts.

I would definitely recommend Vimba to others. It’s something that I’ve been using since they released in the UK to brainlessly drip-feed a small amount of money into Bitcoin (BTC) each month.

What about their instant buy service?

Their instant buy feature looks pretty sleek too.

Here’s what the 1st UK instant buy user had to say about it:

I was impressed! Very smooth & simple process and no issues with verification!

Ready to test them out yourself?

Signup through this affiliate link and you’ll receive £15 of free Bitcoin (BTC) when you make your first regular purchase.

Buying Bitcoin in the UK

Vimba is a fantastic way to dollar-cost average into bitcoin – just set it and forget it.

But if you want to buy bitcoin in the UK at the best rates, then you should check out my popular guide.

Buy Bitcoin Cheaply in the UK

Your Thoughts?

Have you used Vimba? What did you think?

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